History of Swansea Masonic Hall

The first purpose built Masonic Hall was built by the Indefatigable Lodge No 237 in Caer Street.

The foundation stone was laid by the Provincial Grand Master W. Bro Theodore Mansel Talbot on the 6th July 1871 and the premises were completed and dedicated on the 2nd January 1872.

With the growing requirement of Freemasonary in Swansea it was recognised that the premises in Caer Street was not suitable to be adapted and a new site elsewhere had to be found.

There were now six lodges meeting in Swansea and in October 1922 the house and grounds known as Brunswick House, 152 St Helen’s Road was purchased. The house was adapted for use by the brethren and a Masonic Hall built in the spacious grounds. The Masonic Temples were dedicated on 15th September 1926.

The Caer Street premises was completely destroyed by enemy action in an air raid over Swansea on 1st September 1940 and now Castle Square stands on the original site.

Today there are 24 Masonic Craft Lodges meeting at St Helen’s road along with 14 Royal Arch Chapters and many other Masonic Degrees and Orders and it continues to be owned by its members through subscriptions by lodges. It employs catering, bar and administration staff to support the Hall’s activities

With two Masonic temples, two dining rooms, a licensed bar, a fully equipped kitchen and several committee and meeting rooms, the hall is available for non-masonic functions and activities.

The Company elects a board of directors each year at its Annual General Meeting in accordance with its constitution; these directors receive no renumeration, being responsible for the running of Swansea Masonic Hall Company Limited.

Members of the hall are encouraged to utilise the venue for their Masonic and non-masonic functions.