Dining and Bar General Conditions


  • The Bar will NOT be opened until the end of a Regular or Installation Meeting (Exception – The side bar will be opened for LOIs / Committees)
  • Closing time will be 11p.m. with 20minutes ‘drinking-up’ time.
  • Extensions to 12 midnight (20 mins ‘drinking-up’ time) can be arranged with prior agreement of the Business Manager.
  • ONLY Drinks bought on the Premises may be consumed on the Premises. Under no circumstances may drink be brought in from outside and consumed on the premises, on any occasion.


  • Meal content must be notified to the Catering Staff at least 1 week in advance.
  • Dining Numbers must be notified to the Catering Staff at least 48hrs in advance and confirmed at least 24 hrs in advance.
  • Minimum Dining Number 15 This may be varied if another function is dining the same evening and same meal is ordered.
  • Dining Table Configuration and approximate Dining Time must be given at the time of confirmation as above.
  • All meals ordered must be paid for.
  • All catering chrges are to be paid for on the night.
  • Should meals not be ordered within the above timescale, the Company reserves the right to supply a meal of its choice.

Meal Variations

  • These will be accepted for Dietary requirements only (Medical, Vegetarian).
  • Should an alternative be required, members are required to notify the catering Staff at least 24hrs in advance.
  • Alternative meals will NOT be given under any other circumstance and will be strictly enforced.

Maximum Dining Numbers

Connaught Hall 190
Refectory 65